The American Herding Breed Association was founded in 1986 in response to the increasing interest in herding activities by owners of a wide variety of breeds. The AHBA was set up to help provide information in response to inquiries from those interested in herding and the herding breeds. The focus of the AHBA program is on practical herding work. While recognizing that many individuals will not be in a position to use their dogs daily in practical work, the AHBA desires nonetheless that herding be taken seriously and does not desire that it be viewed as a casual hobby. The AHBA has an interest in all aspects of herding and the herding breeds, and the investigation of canine behaviors which relate to herding ability.


The scope of the AHBA involves dogs of all herding breeds including rare breeds, as well as multi-purpose breeds which also have been used for herding, and herding breed mixes. The AHBA Herding Trial Program allows dogs to demonstrate herding ability in herding trials at started, intermediate, and advanced levels on a standard course and on farm/ranch courses which vary in detail but include specified requirements. The testing program includes Herding Capability Tests, for dogs taking part in tests for herding instinct and beginning herding work, and Junior Herding Dog Tests, for dogs in early training, at a level preparatory to trial work.


Membership includes an events bulletin sent every other month, containing a calendar of upcoming events, results from AHBA trials, and occasional articles covering a range of herding activities and other items of interest to owners of herding breeds.


The goals of the AHBA are to promote an appreciation of the skills and value of the herding dog and to help provide information about herding breeds, herding training, herding behaviors and herding in general.


For more information regarding membership, contact: 


AHBA Membership Coordinator, Rusty Jeffers, email:  ewedriver@gmail.com





All dogs participating in AHBA events must have full information, including a registration number, provided for entry on recording forms.  The registration number to be used should be the dog's regular registration number (AKC, CKC, ASCA, etc.).  In the case of dogs which have more than one registration number, the owner must choose one and use it consistently for AHBA purposes.  Owners of unregistered dogs may apply to the AHBA for a tracking number to be used in place of a registration number.  This tracking number is only for dogs which are not otherwise registered.  The form for requesting the tracking number is on the Forms page, or may be obtained from Nancy Runyon by email at: rerunyon@aol.com, or regular mail: 1285 Hopewell Road, Harrodsburg, KY 40330-9181.  The completed tracking number form is sent to the email or mailing address on the form, and the owner will be sent a tracking number to use for entering AHBA events.  In addition to using a consistent registration or tracking number, owners must use one consistent name when entering a dog.  An incomplete recording form received by the AHBA will not be processed.




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The menu on the left of each page will allow you to navigate through the material at this site. All forms and scoresheets are available via downloading from the "Forms/Email Form Request" page in the menu on the left under the "Program Overview" section heading.  They are also available directly from the AHBA Sanction Coordinator, Karen Toth, ahbasanctioncoord@gmail.com.  All rules and other material are available at this site.



Change in AHBA recording fees -- 

Beginning July 1, 2019, the recording fee per qualifying run will be increased to $3.00.  This will apply to events taking place on or after that date.  For events taking place before July 1, the recording fee of $2.00 will apply. The sanction fee of $15.00 will remain the same.  As always, feel free to contact a board member if you have any questions







AHBA opposes mandatory spay and neuter laws.  Owners should make decisions regarding the health of one's dogs after consultation with their veterinarians.  We have included a general letter on the issue.  AHBA also writes letters on specific legislation as the occasion arises.


To keep updated on anti-canine and similar legislation, visit the following sites linked here.