April 30, 2016 Wellington, CO.  Val Manning and Doug Richardson, Rancho Terra Norte’.

RLF-s.  Judge:  Roy Sage.

Contact:  Val Manning, 970-568-7708, email: TerraNorte@aol.com
April 30, 2016 Oxford, PA.  Fly Away Field.

JHD-s, HCT-s.   Judges:  Chris Davies, Kelly Hughes.

Contact:  Chris Davies, 610-932-0125, email: flyaway@mailaka.net
April 30 – May 1, 2016 Jackson, LA.  Louisiana Ranch Dog Association.

HTD-s,d, HRD-s, HTAD-s,d (Courses 1 & 3); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Andrea Hoffman, Melody Tillman.

Contact:  Robert McKowen, 225-278-6575, email: pwzroberta@yahoo.com
May 1, 2016 Whitmore Lake, MI.  Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America.

HRD-s; JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Tanya Wheeler, Carol Lundquist.

Contact:  Denise Peck, 612-269-3615, email: peckdbmd@gmail.com
May 8, 2016 Escondido, CA.  San Pasqual Valley Herding Club.

HTD-s,d, HRD-s; JHD-s.  Judge:  Margie Clutter

Contact:  Kadi Thingvall, 760-215-0343, email: malinois@dantero.com
May 14-15, 2016 Albuquerque, NM.  New Mexico Herding Dog  Assoc.

JHD-s,g, HCT-s,g.  Judges:  Geri Abrams, Malcolm Charlton, Mary Starr Charlton, Bonnie Daley, Debbie Stull, Kathie Woods, Ken Ferrill.

Contact:  Mary Starr Charlton, 505-471-2688, email: STARRCHARLTON@gmail.com
May 15, 2016 Malabar, FL.  Central Florida Herding Club.

HTD-s, HRD-s, JHD-s.  Judges: David Saunders, Sherry Lee. 

Contact:  Michael Horgan, 772-342-6125, email: draxenfarms@gmail.com
May 20, 2016 Harrodsburg, KY.  Central Kentucky Herding Group Club. HTD-d, HTAD-d (Course 4).   Judges:  Tracy Parciak, Sandra Lindenmuth Contact:  Nancy Runyon, 859-265-0881, email: rerunyon@aol.com
May 21, 2016 Goldvein, VA.  Wink Mason.

JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Billy Pritchard, Wink Mason.

Contact:  Wink Mason, 549-907-9510, email: winkmason@winkmason.com
May 21-22, 2016 Columbus Junction, IA.  Mary Bolton.

HTD-s,c,g, HRD-s,c, HTAD-s,g (Course 4); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  JoAnna Yund, Linda Spengler. 

Contact:  Mary Bolton, 319-855-2485, email: marybolton1976@yahoo.com
May 22, 2016 Lake View Terrace, CA.  Inland Empire Herding Dog Association.

HTD-s, HTAD-d (Course 4); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judge:  Janna Duncan.

Contact:  Katherine Spilos, 626-641-3752, email: dkspilos@pacbell.net
May 28-29-30, 2016 Berryville, VA.  Keepstone Farm.

HTD-s, HTAD-s,d,c (Course 2), HRD-s, RLF-s.  Judges: Sandra Lindenmuth, Anita Ramsey, Susan Rhoades.

Contact: Caryl Buck, 540-341-4266, email: SmallLittleFarm@gmail.com
May 30, 2016 Chisago City, MN.  Training Camp, Inc.

HRD-s, HTAD-d (Course 4); JHD-s..  Judge:  JoAnna Yund.

Contact:  Julia Torgersen, email: jrtsplash@midco.net
June 3-4-5, 2016 Denton, NC.  Vivian Kay Delk Keziah (Maple Grove Farm).

June 3:  RLF-s (French style).  June 4-5:  HTD-s, HRD-s, HTAD-s,d (Course 4 sheep, course 2 ducks); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Linda Rorem, Dawn Welch.

Contact: Kay Delk, 336-241-2817, email: herdingtrials@yahoo.com
June 4, 2016 Windsor, NY. Susquenango Kennel Club.

HRD-s, HTAD-s,d (Course 4);   JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judge: Louis Thompson.

Contact:  Sara Reiter, 607-655-2170, email: sarareit@gmail.com
June 4-5, 2015

Broken Arrow, OK.  Mindy Stevenson/Latigo Farm.

HRD-s, HTAD-s,d (Course 3); JHD-d.  Judge:  Molly Wisecarver.

Contact: Melinda Stevenson, 918-557-2349, email: mshorse@windstream.net
June 4-5, 2016 Gray Summit, MO.  St. Louis Herding Club.

HTD-s,d, HRD-s, HTAD-s,d (Course 4 sheep, Course 2 ducks).   Judges:  Terrasita Cuffie, Sandra Holmberg, Wendy Peters, Robin Reasoner.   

Clare C. “Kate” Schallert, 314-524-1376, email: ankat@ix.netcom.com
June 5, 2016 Birdsboro, PA.  Amanda Nickle.

HTD-d, HTAD-d; JHD-s, HCT-s.   Judges:  Cynthia Knowlton, Kelly Hughes.

Contact:  Karen Darney, 717-579-9093, email: karendarney@ymail.com
June 11, 2016 Chisago City, MN.  Training Camp, Inc.

HTAD-s,d (Course 4).  Judge:  Cappy Pruett.

Contact:  Julia Torgersen, email: jrtsplash@midco.net
June 11-12, 2016 Mountainair, NM.   New Mexico Stock Dog Assoc.

HTD-s, HTAD-s,c (Course 4), HRD-s; JHD-s.  Judges:  Kelly Orr, Debbie Stull, Coleen Hawker.

Contact:  Geri Abrams, 505-847-2272, email: stockdog2014@gmail.com

June 11-12, 2016. Olympia, WA.  Chris Soderstrom, Elsie Rhodes.

RLF-s.  Judges:  Linda Bell, Laurie Politte, Elsie Rhodes, Chris Soderstrom.

Contact:  Elsie Rhodes, 360-785-0831, email: elrhodes2@msn.com
June 13, 2016 Bolivar, MO.  Watson Ranch. HRD-s, HTAD-s (Course 3) (two trials in one day).  Judges:  Diane Soebel-Meyer, Debbie George.

Contact: Pam Watson, 417-328-8866, email: watsonranch@windstream.net

June 17-18-19, 2016 Pittsboro, NC.  Carolina Canine Pet & Performance.

June 17:  HRD-s, HTAD-d (two trials in one day).  June 18-19:  HRD-m (sheep and ducks), HTAD-s (Course 2); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Cathy Hartley, Fran Andrews.

Contact:  Shannon Jones, 919-414-2973, email: firstdobe@gmail.com
June 27, 2016 Sturbridge, MA.  Black Birch Farm (Diane Menard). 

HTAD-s,d (Course 4 sheep, Course 2 ducks).  Two trials in one day.  Judges:  Roger Stevens, Jean Barrett.

Contact:  Diane Menard, 508-615-3668, email: blackbirch.farm@yahoo.com
July 3, 2016 Burlington, NC.  Findley Vue Farm. HTAD-d (Course 2); JHD-s, HCT-s (two trials in one day).  Judges:  Kelly Martin, TBA. Contact:  Kelly Martin, 336-214-9421, email: findleyvue@msn.com
July 8-9-10-11, 2016 Perrysburg, NY.  The Dog & Ewe.

HRD-s.  Judges:  Kelly Malone, Jean Barrett.

Contact:  Jean Barrett, 716-713-2959, email: jean464creates@gmail.com
July 9-10, 2016 Burlington, NC.  Findley Vue Farm. HTD-d,  HTAD-s,d (Course 3 sheep, Course 2 ducks; JHD-s.  Judges:  Cathy Hartley, TBA.

Contact:  Kelly Martin, 336-214-9421, email: findleyvue@msn.com

July 10, 2016 Centre Wellington, Ontario, Canada.  Woolagan Farm.

HTAD-s (Course 4); JHD-s, HCT-s.   Judges: JoAnna Yund, Sue Jewell.

Contact:  Renee Worringer, 519-843-5220, email: rworringer@execulink.com
July 15-17, 2016 Pittsboro, NC.  Carolina Canine Pet & Performance.

July 15: JHD-s, HCT-s.  July 16: HRD-s, HTAD-d (Course 2).  July 17: HRD-s.  Judges:  Terri Chisman, TBD.

Contact:  Shannon Jones, 919-414-2973, email: firstdobe@gmail.com
July 16, 2016 Windsor, NY.  Sara Reiter. 

HTD-s; JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judge:  Cynthia Knowlton.

Contact:  Sara Reiter, 607-655-2170, email: sarareit@gmail.com
July 16-17, 2016 Burlington, NC.  Findley Vue Farm.

HTD-d, HRD-s; HTAD-d (Course 2); JHD-s.  Judges:  TBA, Cathy Hartley.

Contact:  Kelly Martin, 336-214-9421, email: findleyvue@msn.com
Aug. 13, 2016 Watrous, SK, Canada.  Saskatoon Working & Herding Dog Assoc.

HRD-s, HTAD-s (Course 5); JHD-s.  Judge:  Dave Viklund.

Contact: Jill Werle, 306-955-0789, email:herdingmad@gmail.com

August 26, 2016 Chisago City, MN.  Training Camp, Inc.

HTAD-s,d (Course 4).  Judge:  JoAnna Yund.

Contact:  Julia Torgersen, email: jrtsplash@midco.net
Sept. 3-4-5, 2016 Goldvein, VA.  Wink Mason.

Sept. 3-4:  HTD-s, HRD-s, HTAD-s (Course 2); JHD-s, HCT-s (two trials in one day). 

Sept. 5:  RLF-s (two trials in one day).

Judges:  Wink Mason, Cathy Hartley, Billy Pritchard.

Contact:  Wink Mason, 549-907-9510, email: winkmason@winkmason.com
Sept. 9-10, 2016 Hope, BC, Canada.  Downriver Farm.

HRD-s, HTAD-s (Course 5); JHD-s, HCT-s.   Judges:  Jacqui Weiss, Lynn Leach, TBA.

Contact:  Lynn Leach, 604-869-7656, email: downrive@telus.net
Oct. 8-9-10, 2016 Westminster, MD.  PWCCP. JHD-s,d, HCT-s,d.  Judges:  Roy and Debbie Johnson.

Pat Koonsas, email: silverrodell@comcast.net 

Oct. 9, 2016 Battle Ground, WA.  Samoyed Club of America.

HTAD-s,d (Course 3); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Barbara Davenport, Ron Fischer.

Contact:  Ann Schlobohm, 559-255-2332, email: whwolf@jps.net