July 31, 2014 Vehmersalmi, FINLAND. Herdingworld Magazine, Sinikka Kumpusalmi-Kankkunen.

HRDs.  Judges:  Sinikka Kumpusalmi-Kankkunen, Maija-Liisa Pasanen

Contact: Sinikka Kumpusalmi-Kankkunen, +358415771400, email: kuttukuu@gmail.com
Aug. 2-3, 2014 Arlington, WA.  Cascade ACD Club

HTD-s,d, HRD-s.  Judges:  Ron Fischer, Dave Viklund.

Contact:  Michelle Pardee, 425-780-9408, email: mipartee@hotmail.com
Aug. 2-3, 2014 Deer Park, WA.  Inland Empire Collie Club.

HTD-d, HRD-s, HTAD-s (Course 3 with take pen, ribbon removal).  Judge:  Jeanine Blaner.

Contact:  Tanya Ward, 509-226-3814, email: sinkonacollies@gmail.com
Aug. 9, 2014 Roy, WA.  German Shepherd Dog Club of Washington State.

JHD-s, HCT-s,d.  Judges:  Linda Leeman, Joe Kapelos, Becky Giddings, Ron Fischer.

Contact:  Laura Jean Cronin, 206-356-6689, email: minadog10@hotmail.com
Aug. 23, 2014 Oakdale, CA.  Hylane Corgis.

HTAD-s,g,ge (Course 5).  Judges:  Barbara Claxton, Ann Schlobohm.

Contact:  Ann Schlobohm, 559-255-2332, email: whwolf@jps.net
Aug. 23-24, 2014 Forestville, NY.  Jean Barrett.

HRD-s.  Judges:  Kelly Malone, Jean Barrett.

Contact:  Jean Barrett, 716-713-2959, email: jean.barrett@verizon.net
Sept. 1, 2014 Pittsboro, NC.  Carolina Canine Pet & Performance

JHD-s,d, HCT-s.  Judges:  Frances Andrews, Claire Apple.

Contact:  Shannon Jones, 919-462-6321, email: Jessie_uggie@mindspring.com
Sept. 6, 2014 Watrous, Saskatchewan.  Saskatoon Working & Herding Dog Assoc.

HRD-s, HTAD-s (Course 2); JHD-s.  Judges:  Dave Viklund, Trudy Viklund.

Contact:  Jill Werle.  306-955-0789, email: jill@dogsandmore.ca    
Sept. 8, 2014 Valparaiso, IN.  American White Shepherd Association

HTAD-s (Course 3), JHD-s, HCT-s:  Judges: Cappy Pruett, Jane Rothert

Contact:  Jean Reeves, 219-916-2976, email: reevesroyl@aol.com
Sept. 13-14, 2014 Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.  No Chicken Ranch.

HTAD-s (Course 4).  Judges:  Dave Vicklund and Trudy Viklund.

Contact:  Jerry Kurbatoff, 587-894-1686, email: jkurbatoff@gmail.com
Sept. 13-14, 2014 Hesperus, CO.  Klinnert Ranch.

HRD-s, HTAD-s (Course 3 with gather in a.m., take pen in p.m., ribbon removal); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Anita Ramsey, Mary Starr, Cathy Sumeracki. 

Contact:  Carolyn Klinnert, 970-588-3899, email: Klinnert@frontier.net 

Sept. 20, 2014 Goldvein, VA.  Wink Mason.

HTD-s, HRD-s, HTAD-s (Course 2 with gather/ribbon pull); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Wink Mason, Laurie Anderson.

Contact:  Judy Moran/Wink Mason, 540-907-9510, email:wink@dawgwoodfarm.com
Sept. 20-21, 2014 Battle Ground, WA.  Brigand’s HideOut.

HTAD-d,s (Course 3); JHD-s.  Judges:  Karen Trimble, Mary Peaslee.

Contact:  Nancy Ward, 360-772-3064, email: nancy@BrigandsHideOut.com
Sept. 20-21, 2014

Leona Valley, CA.  Antelope Valley Stockdog Club.


HRD-s, HTD-s,ge, HTAD-s,ge (Course TBA); JHD-s,g.Judges:  TBA

Contact:  Joe Williams, 818-400-9871, email: LeCajunCowboy@aol.com
Sept. 21-22, 2014 Adel, IA.  Samoyed Club of America.

HTAD-s (Course 3); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  John Holman, Tracey McPherson.

Contact:  Barbara Witte, 402-680-5974, email: gaelyncot@aol.com
Sept. 26-27, 2014. Birdsboro, PA.  Del-Bay Herding Club.

HRD-s,c, HTAD-s,d (Course 3).  Judges:  Lucille Leib, Kelly Hughes.

Contact:  Lucille Leib, 215-483-8562, email: jumpinghairballs@aol.com
Sept. 27-28, 2014 Dewey, AZ.  ICETEC North – Dawna Sims

HTAD-s,d (Course 1); JHD-s/g,d.  Judges:  Kathy Murphy, Rusty Jeffers.

Jeri Wheaton, 623-640-1150, email: jeri.wheaton@gmail.com
Sept. 27, 2014 Chichester, NH.  Sue and John Amsden.

HTD-d, HTAD-d (Course 3 with take pen, shed); JHD-d.  Judge:  George Muehlheim.

Contact:  Susan Amsden, 603-798-5451, email: amsdendb@comcast.net
October 2-6, 2014 Neenach, CA.  Kuymal Ranch.

RLF-s (French-style); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Peggy Richter, TBA.

Contact:  Peggy Richter, 760-377-5926, email: Kuymal1@verizon.net
October 3-6, 2014 Wilton, CA. NCSSHC and Lehr's Lazy L Ranch RLF-s (French trial).  Judge:  Jean-Michel Jolly, Saint Jurs, France.  Clinic Oct. 3, trial Oct. 4, Clinic Oct. 5, trial Oct. 6. Contact:  Linda Rorem, pacifica19@gmail.com
Oct. 4-5, 2014 Mountainair, NM.  Free To Be Ranch.

HTD-s,g, HTAD-s,g (Course 4 with gather, ribbon pull); JHD-g.  Judges:  Geri Abrams, Mary Starr Charlton, Sandy Kieft, Kathie Woods.

Contact:  Geri Abrams, 505-847-2272, email:ftbranch@gmail.com


Oct. 11-12, 2014

Gig Harbor, WA.  All Breed Herding Club of Western Washington.


RLF-s (French-style trial).  Judges:  TBD. Contact:  Vicki Chalk, email: vchalk@comcast.net
Oct. 24-25-26, 2014

Winlock, WA .  Pack Leader Farm (Barbara Davenport), Frog’s Breath Farm (Elsie Rhodes).



HRD-s, HTD-d, HTAD-d.  Judges:  TBD.


Contact:  Elsie Rhodes, 360-785-0831, email: elrhodes2@msn.com
Oct. 25-26, 2014 Genoa City, WI.  Magic’s Legacy.

HRD-s, RLF-s.  HTAD-s,g,d (Course 4).  Judges:  TBD


Contact:  Catherine Price, 262-662-1164, email: wolvescnp@yahoo.com
Nov. 1, 2014 Pleasant Grove, CA.  Performance Dogs in Action.

HTD-t,ge; JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Debra Lehr, Terrie Van Alen.

Contact:  Cheryl Mentink, 916-655-1558, email: jumperdogs@sbcglobal.net
Nov. 21-22-23, 2014

Winlock, WA .  Pack Leader Farm (Barbara Davenport), Frog’s Breath Farm (Elsie Rhodes).


HTD-d, HTAD-s,d, JHD.  Judges:  TBD. Contact:  Elsie Rhodes, 360-785-0831, email: elrhodes2@msn.com
Nov. 22-23, 2014

Leona Valley, CA.  Antelope Valley Stockdog Club.


HRD-s, HTD-s,ge, HTAD-s,ge (Course TBA); JHD-s,g.Judges:  Joyce Herie, TBA

Contact:  Joe Williams, 818-400-9871, email: LeCajunCowboy@aol.com
Nov. 28-29-30, 2014 Berryville, VA.  Keepstone Farm. HTD-s, HRD-s, RLF-s, HTAD-s,d,t,ge,c (Course 2 with gather & gate sort); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges: Anita Ramsey, Terri Chisman, Susan Rhoades.

Contact: Sandy Payne at sandyandreva@aol.com