Sept. 29-30, 2016 Wellington, CO.  Val Manning and Doug Richardson, Rancho Terra Norte’.

Sept. 29:  HRD-s, HRD-m (sheep/goats).  Sept. 30: HTD-s,d, HTAD-s,d (Course 5); JHD-g,s, HCT-g,s.  Judges:  Ted Ondrak, Anita Ramsey.

Contact:  Valerie Manning, 970-568-7708, TerraNorte@aol.com
Sept. 30, 2016 Shelbyville, IN.  Creekwind Farm.

HRD-s; HTAD-ge (Course 4); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Tammy Van Deusen, Denise Teal.  (Two trials in one day.)  Entries taken for Mudik only until Sept. 2, 2016, then open to all breeds until filled.

Contact:  Julie Codding, 513-515-6767, juliecodding@gmail.com

Sept. 30, 2016 Gardnerville, NV.  Lisa Edwards.

RLF-c,s,g.  Judge:  Marian Pott.

Contact:  Lisa Edwards, 775-790-1970, renansnip@yahoo.com

Oct. 1-2, 2016 Albany, IL and Aledo, IL.  Central Illinois Stock Dog Assoc.

Oct. 1, Albany, IL.  Oct. 2, Aledo, IL.  Both days:  HTD-s,d, HRD-s,m, RLF-s,m; HTAD-s,d (Oct. 1, Course 1 for sheep, Course 2 for ducks; Oct. 2, Course 2 for sheep, Course 3 for ducks); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Tracey McPherson, Linda Johnson.

Contact:  Kathryn L. Wright, 309-224-9070, fancycreek@msn.com
Oct. 8-9, 2016 Berryville, MD.  PWCCP. JHD-s,d, HCT-s,d.  Judges:  Roy and Debbie Johnson.

Pat Koons, 717-793-0321, silverrodell@comcast.net also  www.pwccp.org for more information

Oct. 9, 2016 Battle Ground, WA.  Samoyed Club of America.

HTAD-s,d (Course 3); JHD-s, HCT-s.  

Judges:  Barbara Davenport, Ron Fischer. Limited to Samoyeds only.

Contact:  Ann Schlobohm, 559-255-2332, whwolf@jps.net
Oct. 9, 2016 Denton, NC.  Maple Grove Farm, Vivian Kay Delk Keziah.

HRD-s, HTAD-s,d (Course 2); JHD-s.  Judge:  Erin Ledbetter, Vivian Kay Delk Keziah.

Contact: Vivian Kay Delk Keziah, 336-241-2817, maplegrovefarm@yahoo.com
Oct. 16, 2016 Greenback, TN.  Canines by Karen.

HCT-s.  Judge: Cathy Hartley.

Contact:  Karen Echternacht, 865-604-1565,   KarensCanineCompanions@gmail.com

Oct. 16, 2016 Escondido, CA.  San Pasqual Valley Herding Club.

HTD-s, HRD-s, HTAD-s (Course 2).  Judges:  George “Rusty” Jeffers, Richard Godfrey, Terry Parrish.

Contact: Donna White, 661-433-5623, dwcrazyhorse@outook.com
Oct. 20-21-22-23, 2016 Dewey, AZ.  ICETEC North – Dawna Sims.

Oct. 20: HTD-s,ge.  Oct. 21: HRD-s,ge.  Oct. 22-23: HTAD-s,c,ge; JHD-s.   Judges:  Judy Garbarino, Debbie Pollard, James Bergert.

Contact:  Jeri Wheaton, 623-640-1150, jeri.wheaton@gmail.com
Oct. 22-23, 2016 Chaffee, NY.  Gwen Engler, Spiritwinds Farm.

HTD-s,d, HRD-s, RLF-s, HTAD-s,d (Course 2).  Judge: Renee Worringer.

Contact:  Gwen Engler, 716-474-9996, spiritwins@aol.com
Oct. 28-29-30, 2016 Whitmore Lake, MI.  Sheepsmith Farm (Cheryl Smith).

Oct. 28: RLF-s,c.  Oct. 29:  HRD-s,c.  Oct. 30: HTD-d, HTAD-s,c (Course 4).  Judges: Karen Dearden, Karen Wimbush.

Contact: Anita Paull,
734-717-6464, craigmour@gmail.com
Oct. 29, 2016 Chisago, MN.  Training Camp.

HRD-s, HTAD-s (Course 2).  Judge:  TBD.

Contact:  JoAnna Yund, 612-922-1114, joannayund@gmail.com
Oct. 29-30, 2016 Genoa City, WI.  Magic’s Legacy.

HTD-s,d, HRD-s (pending), RLF-s (pending), HTAD-s,d (Course 4); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Tracy McPherson, Wendy Peters.

Contact:  Catherine Price, 262-662-1164, wolvescnp@yahoo.com
Oct. 28-29-30, 2016 Winlock, WA.  Barbara Davenport, Elsie Rhodes.

HTD-d, HRD-s, HTAD-s (Course 2).  Judges:  Elsie Rhodes, Barbara Davenport, Barbara Claxton, Lynn Leach.

Contact:  Elsie Rhodes, 360-785-0831, email: elrhodes2@msn.com
Nov. 4, 2016 St. Cloud, FL.  Mid-Florida Shetland Sheepdog Club.



HTD-s,d,ge; HRD-s; JHD-s.  Judge: Kathy Walker.


Contact:  Susan Gordon, 407-657-0733, gordonsetters@earthlink.net

Nov. 5-6, 2016 New River, AZ.  Summerny Ranch.

HRD-s,ge, HTAD-s,ge, JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Ken Theus, Cathy Sumeracki.

Contact:  Catherine Sumeracki, 480-223-2633, csumeracki@gmail.com
Nov. 12-13, 2016 Millington, TN.  Melody J. Ranch, Melody Tillman.

HTD-s, HRD-s, HTAD-s,c (Course 3).  Judges:  Melody Tillman, Andrea Hoffmann.

Contact:  Melody Tillman, 901-829-3290, tazmankennel@aol.com
Nov. 12-13, 2016 Tonopah, AZ.  Arizona Herding Assoc.

HTD-s, HRD-s, HTAD-s (Course 4); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Mary Alice Wisecarver, Larry Favreau.

Contact:  Tim Stangler, 623-386-7215, tstangler@aol.com
Nov. 19-20, 2016 Broken Arrow, OK.  Mindy Stevenson/Latigo Farm.

HRD-s, HTAD-s,d,t (Course 1 sheep, Course 2 ducks and turkeys).  Judges:  Karen Trimble, Linda Holloway.

Contact:  Melinda Stevenson, 918-557-2349, mshorse@windstream.net
Nov. 25, 2016 Escondido, CA.  San Pasqual Valley Herding Club.

HTD-s, HRD-s, HTAD-s (Course 2).  Judges:  Ken Theus (HRD), Terry Parrish (HTAD).

Contact:  Donna White, 661-433-5623, dwcrazyhorse@outlook.com
Nov. 25-26, 2016 Pleasant Grove, CA.  Performance Dogs in Action.

RLF-s, RLF-ge.  Judges:  Linda Rorem, Joyce Shephard, Nola Jones.

Contact:  Nola Jones, 916-655-1558, or Linda Rorem, pacifica19@gmail.com
Dec. 9-10-11, 2016

Bronson, FL.  Maureen and Alan Aulson (Black Prong Center).

HRD-s, HRD-m (sheep/goats/ducks), HTD-s,d, HTAD-s,c (Course 4).  Judge: Ron Fischer, Sherry Lee, Linda Rorem.

Contact:  Alan & Maureen Aulson, (508) 451-1987, blackprongcenter@gmail.com

April 7-8-9, 2016

Bronson, FL.  Maureen and Alan Aulson (Black Prong Center).


Courses and judges TBA.

Contact:  Alan & Maureen Aulson, (508) 451-1987, blackprongcenter@gmail.com