Feb. 12-13-14, 2016 Gig Harbor, WA.  PackLeader Farm.

HTD-s,d, HTAD-s,d (Course 1 for ducks, Course 5 for sheep).   Judges:  Becky Giddings, Dave Larsen, Barbara Davenport, Elsie Rhodes.

Contact:  Barbara Davenport, 253-732-5959, email: k9sayno@aol.com
Feb. 27, 2016 Pleasant Grove, CA.  NCSSHC.

HRD-ge, HTAD-s (Course 5).  HCT-s.  Nola Jones, Linda Rorem.

Contact: Nola Jones, 916-655-1558, or Linda Rorem, email: pacifica19@gmail.com
March 4-6, 2016 New River, AZ.  SummerNy Sheep Ranch. HRD-s, HTAD-s,ge (Course 3); JHD-s,g, HCT-s,g.  Judges:  Roy Sage, Terri Wilson.  (Early entry to bearded breeds: Giant Schnauzer, Black Russian, Berger Picard, Kerry Blue, Puli, Bouvier des Flandres, Bearded Collie, Briard, Old English Sheepdog.) Contact:  Cathy Sumeracki, 480-223-2633, email: csumeracki@gmail.com
March 11-12-13, 2016 Gig Harbor, Olympia, and Winlock, WA.

HRD-s.  Judges:

March 11, Gig Harbor: Dave Larson, Barbara Davenport, Elsie Rhodes.

March 12, Olympia: Paul Murray, Chris Soderstrom, Elsie Rhodes, Barbara Davenport.

March 13, Winlock: Erin O'Brien, Barbara Davenport, Elsie Rhodes, Chris Soderstrom.

Contact: Elsie Rhodes, 360-785-0831, email: elrhodes2@msn.com

March 12, 2016 Olive Branch, MS.  Nancy Obermark.

HTD-s,d, HTAD-s,d (Course 3), HRD-s, RLF-s.  Judges:  Beth Simpson, Nancy Obermark, Gerald Sepich.


Contact:  Nancy Obermark, 901-268-7743, 

email: sheepdog922@aol.com

March 12, 2016 Greenfield, OH.  Finelia Farm/ Claudia Frank.

HRD-s.  Judges:  Linda Gray, Deborah David.

Contact:  Denise Teal, email: katiebc9876@gmail.com
March 12-13, 2016

Goldvein, VA.  Wink Mason.

HTD-s, HRD-s, HTAD-s (Courses 2, 4); JHD-s, HCT-s.   Judges:  Wink Mason, Kelly Martin.


Contact:  Wink Mason, 549-907-9510, email: winkmason@winkmason.com
March 14, 2016 St. Cloud, FL.  Mid-Florida Shetland Sheepdog Club.

HTD-s,d.  Judges: Stacey Edwards, Leida Jones.

Contact: Susan Gordon, 407-657-0733, email: gordonsetters@earthlink.net
March 18-19-20, 2016 Gardnerville, NV.  Lisa Edwards Stockdogs.

HRD-c, RLF-s, HTAD-c,s,g (Course 2); JHD-g.  Judges: Deborah Pollard, Rusty Jeffers, Lisa Edwards.

Contact:  775-790-1970, email: renansnip@yahoo.com
March 19-20, 2016 Litchfield Park, AZ.  Fastlane: Lisa Goss. HTAD-s,ge (Course 2).  Judges: Roy Sage, Jerome Stewart. Contact:  Lisa Goss, 623-326-8132, email: lgossaz@Hotmail.com
March 19-20, 2016 Battle Ground, WA.  Brigand’s HideOut.

HTAD-s,d (Course 3); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Mary Peaslee, Karen Trimble.

Contact:  Nancy Ward, 360-772-3064, email: Brigandshideout@gmail.com
April 1-2-3, 2016 Bronson, FL.  Maureen and Alan Aulson (Black Prong Center).

HTD-s, HRD-s, RLF-s, HTAD-s,d (Course 4), JHD-s, HCT-s,d.  Judges: Dave Viklund Tammy Van Deusen (Vivian Kay Delk Keziah alternate).

Contact:  Marianne Dwight, 413-522-2999, email: herding@verizon.net.
April 2-3, 2016 Mountainair, NM.  Free To Be Ranch.

HTD-s,d, HTAD-s,d (Course 5).  Judges:  Geri Abrams, Kathie Woods, Ken Ferrill, Bonnie Daley, Mary Starr Charlton

Contact:  Geri Abrams, 505-847-2272, email:ftbranch@gmail.com
April 16-17, 2016 Lexington, NC.  Brushy Creek Farm.

HTD-s, HTAD-s,c,d (Course 2).  Judges:  Pending.

Contact:  Kelly Martin, 336-214-9421, email: FindleyVue@msn.com
April 18-19, 2016 Mountainair, NM.  Free To Be Ranch.

HRD-s, HTAD-s,d (Course 5); JHD-s,g, HCT-s,g.  Judges:  Geri Abrams, Kathie Woods, Ken Ferrill, Bonnie Daley, Mary Starr Charlton

Contact:  Geri Abrams, 505-847-2272, email:ftbranch@gmail.com
April 23, 24, 2016

Nova, Ohio.  Hado-Bar Farm. 

RLF-s, HRD-s.  Judges: Karen Dearden, Linda Gray.

Karden Dearden, email: Slickworkingdog@aol.com
May 8, 2016 Berryville, VA.  Belgian Malinois Fancers of the Potomac.

HTAD-s (Course 2; JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Cynthia Knowlton, Jane Rothert.

Contact:  Jane Rothert, 217-493-0163, email: rothert@illinois.edu
May 14-15, 2016 Albuquerque, NM.  New Mexico Herding Dog  Assoc. JHD-s,g, HCT-s,g.  Judges:  Geri Abrams, Malcolm Charlton, Mary Starr Charlton, Bonnie Daley, Debbie Stull, Kathie Woods, Ken Ferrill. Contact:  Mary Starr Charlton, 505-471-2688, email:STARRCHARLTON@gmail.com
June 3-4-5, 2016 Denton, NC.  Vivian Kay Delk Keziah (Maple Grove Farm).

HTD-s, HRD-s, RLF-s (French style), HTAD-s,d (Course 2); JHD-s, HCT-s.  Judges:  Linda Rorem, Mary Peaslee.

Contact:  Marianne Dwight, 413-522-2999, email: mjdwright@verizon.net
June 11-12, 2016 Mountainair, NM.   New Mexico Stock Dog Assoc.

HTD-s, HTAD-s,c (Course 4), HRD-s (PENDING); JHD-s.   Judges:  Steve Shope, Kelly Orr, Geri Abrams, Kathie Woods, Ken Ferrill.

Contact:  Geri Abrams, 505-847-2272, email: stockdog2014@gmail.com

Oct. 8-9-10, 2016 Westminster, MD.  PWCCP. JHD-s,d, HCT-s,d.  Judges:  Roy and Debbie Johnson.

Pat Koonsas, email: silverrodell@comcast.net