WTCh. HTCh. Sea-Lite Tex, HTD III-s,d, HRD III-s,c, CD

Border Collie WTCh. HTCh. Sea-Lite Tex, HTD III-s,d, HRD III-s,c, CID, came by plane from (where else) Texas as a puppy as an obedience prospect and companion. When he was around two years old his owners, Pat and Leron Jensen, become interested in herding. We started training Tex in my back yard on my ducks, and would go to various places to work sheep. At first Pat would work him, but Tex and I seemed to get along well so I began doing all his training and handling. At home with Pat and Leron he could be a couch potato, sleep on the bed, etc., but with me he was a working dog.

Tex has always been willing to tackle anything. He is eager to work, but also a good companion dog and enjoys playing fetch with anyone -- child or adult -- he can persuade to throw something for him. Although by nature he's very cooperative, that doesn't mean that on some issues he hasn't had a mind of his own!

A memorable adventure in which we took part involved catching two sheep that had been running wild for several years at a ranch down the road from the ranch where we normally work. First Tex had to shed the sheep away from two horses (they had survived the coyotes by running to horses and cattle when they felt threatened). Then the two ewes tried slipping through a fence (no sheep-proof fences on the place), at which point one was caught but the other escaped through the brush and headed out into the 2,000-acre, hilly and brushy pasture. I only had a vague idea of where she had gone and she had a pretty good head start, but I sent Tex out. Five minutes later I was thinking, "what on earth have I done, sending my friends' dog out blind into these 2,000 hilly and brushy acres known to harbor mountain lions?", when out of the brush and across the field came Tex with the single sheep. Whether herding 1 or 100, from ducks to sheep to cattle, Tex has always done the job and has been a lot of fun to work with and learn from.

--Linda Rorem