Australian Shepherd WTCh. HCh. HTCh. Stardust's Roxy, HTD III-s,d HRD III-s,g.

Roxy was adopted when she was 12 weeks old, at the time I knew nothing about Australian Shepherds or herding, little did I know that Roxy would one day be the first Australian Shepherd to become a triple herding champion! Roxy's herding career began when she was 9 months old with weekly lessons (and numerous clinics) which continued for the next few years. Roxy's first trial was in 1994 and she has been successfully trialing ever since. Roxy's AHBA championship points were earned on sheep, ducks, goats and cattle. Roxy's done all right for a city slicker who started out not knowing the difference between a ewe and a ram...and now can "bah ram ewe" with the best of 'em!

For the past two years Roxy has qualified to compete against the top herding Australian Shepherds in the country in the ASCA Finals held at the annual ASCA National Specialty. The realization of a dream would be for Roxy to become a Supreme Herding Champion by winning 1st place in sheep, ducks and cattle at the ASCA Finals.

Roxy has also become immortalized in film -- she has done a pilot for a children's series about dogs entitled "Puppy Tales" and an A&E special about the history of dogs entitled "Big Dogs, Little Dogs". She also appears in the companion book to A&E's "Big Dogs, Little Dogs".

-- Lawrence R. Gerstle