Nyjella Ceres Kuymal HTDIIIsd, HRDIIIs, RD, ATDd, STDsc, HX, HGH, CGC

Nyjella earned his HTCh on January 18, 1997. I continued running him thereafter. He was my essential ranch dog and indulged me sufficiently to earn trial titles. He was the test dog ("victim") for the HRD program. He was the dog I learned to herd with (I was doing it before, but without knowing things like "square turns" and "stop"). He allowed me to tell him "no, forget what I told you was ok, we are doing this now", "no forget what you do at home 330 days a year, I want you to run on this course" and he did well enough to earn a few HITs and reserves along the way. He died young, at eight, from lymphosarcoma, but his legacy went on in his son, Uvar Eresha Kuymal, and in his several grandchildren via Uvar, who have all gone on to be a credit to the Belgian Sheepdog in both herding and other venues

-- Peggy Richter