HCh., HTCh. Snowflower Diamond Tiara, CD, ATD-s, STD-c, HTD III-s, HRD III-s

Max, the Herding Ambassador, became the first Belgian Tervuren to earn the AHBA's Herding Trial Champion title.

Max has competed in every forum of the AHBA program, and excelled in all, winning numerous High in Trial awards. If you were to ask Max which course he likes the best, I am sure it would be the French-style course. His desire and natural herding abilities are quite evident in these situations -- where he gets to do "real work." He especially enjoys doing the set-out and pen work at our local trials.

In 1994, Max earned all three AKC herding titles. This accomplishment was highlighted by Max earning the points necessary for the AKC Herding Championship in just two months' time with five first placements. Max showed his versatility by earning five of his points from C course. Attaining a WTCh. from ASCA will be Max's next challenge. His recent introduction to cattle has been very exciting for him. The challenge will be the ducks -- Max's view is, "real dogs don't do ducks."

Max continues to place very year in the top ten herding dogs for the American Belgian Tervuren Club. The most important aspect of herding for Max is the wonderful partnership between Russ and Max -- and the opportunity to do what he loves doing the most.

--Michele Krone