HTCH U-CD White Wolf Wild & Free, CD, HI, OTD-s,d, HTD-IId, HTD-IIIs, HRD-III, WSX, TT, CGC, TDI

The first Samoyed to earn advanced titles in AHBA has become the first Herding Trial Champion of the breed. Jake, owned by Ann and Jan Schlobohm, and handled by Linda Rorem, finished his championship at a ranch course trial on May 6, 2000. Jake has worked on a variety of courses but has made it clear that he prefers the ranch courses and large flocks where there is more scope for freedom of movement and independent work. Like many Samoyeds, Jake has a big streak of independence, but he also wants to work with his handler in a clear partnership. Jake is always gentle with the sheep, but will push if they need it, and enjoys working in the pens where he will calmly squeeze into the tightest corners to bring out the sheep.

-- Ann & Jan Schlobohm