HTCh Ch Fantasy Farm Water Witch, HXAs, HRDIIIs

In July of ’04, ‘Ingrid’ became the second Cardigan Welsh Corgi to finish her AHBA herding championship, following a year behind in her mother’s footsteps.

Ingrid’s titles were earned on the HRD, French Style HRD, and large flock HRD courses. She may be best known though for her appearance on the National Geographic cable show, ‘Dogs With Jobs’, and her mud avoidance maneuver!

A capable herding dog as well as a producer, her daughter, ‘Ch Harley, HS’, was WB at the CWCCA’s National Specialty in 2003. Son ‘Reggie, HS, HTDIs, HRDIs’ is well on his way to being the next HTCh in the family.

by Dana Hasemeier