Shetland Sheepdog, HCh. WTCh. HTCh. Northlight Ceilidh, HTD III-s,d, HRD III-s

Cailie started her herding career when young, being introduced to ducks beginning around two months of age and to sheep at around six months of age. When nearing a year, her formal training began. She has always been an eager worker, with a strong sense of balance, and has enjoyed working all kinds of stock. Throughout her career she has had many class placements and wins, including High in Trial awards in ASCA, AKC and AHBA trials. Cailie took time out for two litters, of three and five. All of her offspring have herding titles, several of these having multiple advanced titles.

Cailie earned her ASCA championship in 1994 and her AKC championship in 1995 (her AKC wins included both A course and B course). At the large-flock French- style trial held in Sept. 1995 in Santa Rosa, Calif., she earned a rating of "Excellent," and at age 11 went on to complete her AHBA HTCh., becoming the first dog to earn all three championships.

--Linda Rorem