HCh., HTCh. Snowflower California Girl, HTD III-s,d, HRD III-s, ATD-s, OTD-d-s

Cali is the second Belgian Tervuren to become an AHBA Herding Trial Champion -- only due to the fact that both Max and Cali finished their HTCh. on the same day, and Max ran first!

Cali, like Max, has competed on every course in the AHBA program and has won numerous High in Trial awards. One of our fondest memories is the day she won the Grand Championship at the herding event held December 1996 in Chatsworth, California, earning the high combined score of the AHBA, ASCA and AKC trials.  When Cali was just 13 weeks old, she followed her big brother out into the pasture and we were amazed by what we saw as she immediately cast out and around the sheep. Her keenness, biddability, athletic ability and livestock sense have provided the necessary attributes for Cali to become an outstanding herding dog. Cali has the natural ability to think for herself and problem solve in different situations.

Cali became the AKC's youngest Herding Champion at the age of 26 months in 1995, earning her HCh. points in three consecutive runs with all three placements being High in Trial, all within one year.

Cali has been the number one ranked herding dog in the American Belgian Tervuren Club for the third straight year. This year in Portland at the ABTC National Specialty, Cali swept the herding trial by winning High in Trial on both sheep and ducks.

-- Michele Krone