Bones was born April 12, 1986 in a backyard litter. I became involved with helping find homes for the pups. I had no thought of getting a pup but became deeply impressed with the temperament and intelligence of the "ugly one, " the pup no one wanted, the one called "Bones.

Bones is only the 2nd dog I have ever worked in herding, and at the time we began I did not know very much and did not have access to advice from anyone who did know very much, nor were there any good books then other than Holmes' The Farmer's Dog. For the first couple of years, we trained a little and trialed a lot. Inevitably dog and handler both into a lot of very bad habits, including the habit of being - -somewhat "crazy" and "out of control" at trials. Afterwards, when I knew better, I had to go back and re-train the dogs and myself. We were largely successful, but in times of stress the old habits sometimes suddenly take over again. So we are still paying a price for my early ignorance and mistakes.

I want to especially thank the two stockdog trainers who have contributed the most to my education: Lin Daugherty and Tony Diaz. I have gained useful bits from a huge variety of other handlers, teachers. seminar givers, and books. I also want to thank Carmen Helgesson for saving Bones' life as a puppy.

Bones has competed on just about every kind of stock and every kind of course that exists in the West Coast USA. He has worked ducks, sheep , and cattle in flock sizes ranging from "micro" (i.e. 3 to 5 head) to fairly large (50 to 100 head) and has worked sheep that varied from very light and skittish to very heavy and/or sullen. We have competed at the highest levels on the various ASCA courses, including several Ranch Trials, on the standard and alternate (="ranch") AHBA courses, including the "Parcours Francais at levels 2 & 3, and on all three of the AKC courses, as well as competing in Redwood Empire trials and in Novice and Pro-Novice at ISDS type of trial, i.e. in trials normally thought of as being "for Border Collies. " Bones is the only Bouvier I know of to win a first place at a Border Collie trial, a Novice class of 15 dogs, and we have had some very respectable runs in Pro Novice. We have also taken advantage of every opportunity to do practical ranch work. Now at the age of 10-1/2, Bones has lost some athleticism but still loves to herd.

In addition to his herding accomplishments, Bones has earned major titles in other fields of endeavor appropriate to his breed: Obedience (CDX), Tracking (TDX & FH), Protection (Sch III & Brevet de Defense). He has competed in various agility events and carting events.

Most important of all, Bones is my beloved friend and constant companion by day and night (sleeping on my bed whenever the bitches don't crowd him out). I honor and cherish him and consider precious every day that we have left to share together. And I try to remind him every day that I love and appreciate him.

-- Pam Green